Terms & Conditions

● The intention of this gold offer is to encourage customers to save long term, for making jewellery, buying property, children's college education, children's marriage, retirement corpus etc. Because only if we save as physical gold, it protects our money against long term creeping inflation (eroding value of money), protects against financial market risks, and most importantly, we won't touch it for ordinary expenses.

● Before receiving the gold in milliGOLD account, the reward recipient has to validate his or her mobile no with OTP at They can login to their account any time, with the same mobile no and OTP using a Desktop or Mobile Browser. Customers can use the same milliGOLD account to receive gold as rewards and gifts from other corporates, brands and employers. They can also add their own savings to it through single click UPI payment or Monthly SIP.

● To receive the gold in milliGOLD account, the reward recipient has to visit the “Gift Claim URL” provided in the offer email / message and copy-paste the “Gift-Voucher code” (after re-confirming their name, email id and mobile no). Each code will be a single use code and the corresponding gold milligrams will be added to the customer’s account.

● The conversion of offer value (after subtracting 3% GST), into gift voucher denominated in milligrams of Gold will be based on the MCX exchange market price of Gold plus 1% commission charged by milliGOLD.

● Gold credited through this offer scheme can only be redeemed as Gold in whole grams and cannot be redeemed as Rupees/cash. The redemption options and their corresponding milliGOLD fees are :

o Door Delivery of Coins / Bars at home address (2% + Rs 100 postage)
o Purchase Jewellery in any shop of customer choice (Rs 25 per gram)
o Deliver Gold bars / coins to the Exchange locker opened in the customer's own name (Rs 50 per gram).
o Deliver as RBI Gold bond during the next issue. (Rs 50 per gram)

● Gold purchased by customers directly from milliGOLD through UPI payment or Monthly Subscription payment, can be sold at exchange price and redeemed as bank settlement in Indian Rupees, after subtracting milliGOLD fees of 1%

● 50% of the Gold offered under this scheme is “Gifted Gold”. The balance 50% is given as “Free Gold”

● There is no maximum cap or time limit or expiry period for the amount of “Gifted Gold” that a Customer can receive through multiple promotional campaigns over many months or years and accumulate it in their milliGOLD account and redeem it any time.

● There is no expiry period for the “Free Gold” accumulated in customers accounts through multiple promotional campaigns. However, the maximum value of “Free Gold” that any individual customer can redeem from milliGOLD, will be capped at 1% of their gold savings through milliGOLD.

● All customer support related to milliGOLD will be through Whatsapp Chat on +91 97899 59877. You can also write to

● All customers qualifying for the offer will be governed by the milliGOLD T&C available

● Customers can login to milliGOLD with their registered mobile no and OTP from a PC or Mobile browser to check balance.