Terms and Conditions

• The offer is applicable only on selected fresh fruits, fresh vegetables & fresh flowers on subscription.
• The offer coupon is valid until Mar 31st, 2023.
• The offer is applicable for all bbdaily customers.
• There will be one free order of the subscribed product after every four paid orders. So every 5th order is free. eg: (Paid-Paid-Paid-Paid-FREE).
• All orders including free orders will have a ₹2 delivery charge for Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Noida, Pune. ₹3 delivery charge for Mumbai. Free delivery charge for Ahmedabad, Delhi, Gurgaon & Indore. ₹1 delivery charge applicable for Chandigarh, Vijayawada, Kochi, Patna, Vishakapatnam, Lucknow and Vijayawada.
• The maximum number of free products for any chosen subscription product is 6 quantities in total.
• A customer can apply the coupon upto 5 times.
• A customer can avail only one of the following coupons SIXER, STSIXER, FOSIXER, BBDSIXER, AND FRESHFNV.
• The coupon is applicable only on DAILY, ALTERNATE DAY & WEEKLY subscription frequencies. The coupon is not applicable on 'Buy Once' and once a month subscription.
• This subscription coupon offer becomes void if the customer unsubscribes from any product once the coupon is applied or changes their address.
• The free quantity remaining for the subscription can be viewed from the ‘My subscription’ section on the app.
• As an example, if you have chosen daily subscription and the subscription start date is 1st of any month, then the free product delivery schedule is - 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th. (Please note that the first delivery is not free).
• BB Daily reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any point of time.

Selected Products For The Offer

Tender Coconut, Onion, Banana - Robusta,Banana - Yelakki,Banana - Robusta, Tender Coconut - Premium,Tomato - Hybrid, Tomato - Local, Mushrooms - Button, Ladies’ Fingers, Fresho Potato 1 kg, Cucumber,Cauliflower, Coconut - Medium, Tomato - Hybrid, Baby Banana - Robusta, Tomato - Local, Fresho Potato 1 kg, Carrot - Orange, Palak - Cleaned, without roots, Cucumber, Coriander Leaves, Lemon, Papaya - Small, Capsicum - Green, Onion - Organically Grown, Broccoli, Carrot - Red, Ginger, Bottle Gourd, Ginger, Sweet Corn, Guava, Cucumber - English, Organic Sprouts Mixed Gram, Chilli - Green Long, Medium, Cabbage, Watermelon - Small, Garlic, Potato - Chandramukhi, Green Peas, Banana - Poovan, Potato - Chandramukhi, Beans - Haricot, Beetroot, Coccinia, Carrot - Orange, Carrot - Ooty, Chilli - Green Long, Medium, Curry Leaves, Ridge Gourd, Coconut - Large, Tender Coconut - Small, Coriander Leaves, Amla, Palak - Cleaned, without roots, Banana - Karpooravalli, Radish - White, Lettuce - Iceberg, Cucumber - Organically Grown, Ladies’ Fingers, Ginger - Organically Grown, Guava Premium (Thai), Beans - Haricot, Beetroot, Carrot - Red, Banana - Yelakki, Marigold Flower – Orange, Tomato - Hybrid, Organically Grown, Sprouts - Mixed Gram, Carrot - Ooty, Tomato - Local, Organically Grown, Bitter Gourd, Sweet Potato, Coriander 1 pc, Potato - Organically Grown, Brinjal - Bottle Shape, Organic Sprouts , Moong, Green Mixed Capsicum ,Beans - French, Ring Potato ,Methi/Venthaya Keerai - Cleaned,without roots Potato – Jyoti, Beans - French, Ring, Potato – Red, Broccoli ,Ash Gourd – Cut, Lemon, Marigold Flower – Yellow, Baby Banana – Robusta, Amaranthus - Red Cleaned, without roots, Onion – Sambhar, Bottle Gourd - Organically Grown, Sapota, Capsicum – Green, Banana – Nendran, Methi/Venthaya Keerai - Cleaned, without roots, Ginger - Organically Grown, Banana – Red, Brinjal - Purple, Bharta, Cucumber – English, Garlic, Tomato - Local, Organically Grown, Ber – Apple, Chilli - Green Small, Banana - Raw Green, Mint Leaves - Cleaned, without roots, Drumstick/Moringa, Pomegranate - Single Serve, Peeled Chilli - Green, Organically Grown, Lemon, Banana - Robusta, Organically Grown, Beans – Cluster, Garlic – Peeled, Potato – Jyoti, Cucumber – White, Drumstick/Moringa, Beans – Broad, Banana – Hill, Grapes - Bangalore Blue with Seed, Amaranthus - Green Cleaned, without roots, Coccinia, Muskmelon - Netted Small, Beans – Broad, Bitter Gourd, Lemon - Organically Grown, Cauliflower - Organically Grown, Groundnut – Fresh, Baby Potato, Marigold Flower – Yellow, Chilli – Hybrid, Baby Bottle Gourd, Colocasia, Palak, Coconut - Organically Grown, Onion - Local / Economy, Lemon, Bitter Gourd - Organically Grown, Pumpkin Green – Cut, Pumpkin Green – Cut, Papaya – Raw, Bitter Gourd – Forest, Tulsi Leaves, Ooty Beetroot, Garlic – Peeled, Cucumber – Mangalore, Lemon Grass, Sapota, Brinjal – Nagpur, Papaya – Raw, Beans - Organically Grown, English Cucumber - Organically grown, Beans – Cowpea, Coconut - (For Kalash with Jatta), Sweet Corn – Pellets, Palak - Organically Grown, Mustard Leaves (Sarso Saag), Amla, Arai Keerai ,Green Peas, Celery, Sprouts - Moong Green, Methi/Venthaya Keerai - Cleaned, without roots , Gongura Leaves/Pulicha – Cleaned without roots, Zucchini – Yellow, Brinjal – Varikatri, Sweet Potato - Organically Grown , Garlic - Organically Grown, Chow Chow, Colocasia, Spring Onion - With Roots, Beetroot - Organically Grown, Brinjal – Purple long ,Lemon - Organically Grown, Cauliflower – Small, Garlic, Brinjal – Varikatri, Baby Potato, Tomato - Hybrid, Organically Grown, Beetroot - Organically Grown , Coconut – Diced ,Beans – Cowpea, Banana Flower - Organically Grown, Sponge Gourd, Baby Corn – Peeled, Sprouts - Mixed Gram, Cauliflower – Small, Beans - Organically Grown, Parwal, Papaya – Raw, Mosambi - Organically Grown, Organic Sprouts Channa Brown, Carrot – Red, Drumstick Leaves, Snake Gourd, Betel Leaf, Lemon, Sugarcane – Diced, Spring Onion, Garlic - Organically Grown, Marigold Flower – Orange, Green Peas, Lettuce – Green, Brinjal – Nagpur, Pumpkin – Disco, Pineapple - Chunks, Single Serve, Aloe Vera - Organically grown, Baby Corn – Peeled, Sweet Corn – Pellets, Pumpkin - Red, Organically Grown, Papaya - Raw, Organically Grown, Pumpkin – Green, Radish – White, Chilli - Green, Organically Grown, Orange – Kinnow, Ooty Chow Chow, Banana - Raw, Organically Grown, Sambar Onion - Peeled (Small Onion), Orange - Nagpur, Regular, Capsicum - Green, Organically Grown, Grapes - Thompson Seedless, Cut – Mushroom. Cucumber, Sprouts - Channa Brown, Sapota, Yam - Elephant Foot, Pumpkin – Green, Amaranthus - Thotakura Cleaned, without roots Amla, Pumpkin – Green, Fresh Turmeric - Organically Grown, Nutritious Fruit Bowl, Fresho Brinjal - Varikatri, Organically Grown 250 g, Cabbage – Red, Spinach – Chopped, Fresho Muskmelon - Organically Grown 1 pc, Siru Keerai, Banana - Raw Green, Knol Khol, Cucumber – Mangalore, Wheat Grass - Organically Grown, Yam – Diced, Raw Mango, Asparagus, Brinjal - Green, Round Banana Stem, Turmeric – Fresh, Zucchini – Green, Beetroot – Diced, Banana - Raw Green, Radish – White, Banana - Raw, Diced, Papaya – Raw, Coconut Chunks - Single Serve, Chilli - Green, Bullet, Onion – Premium, Tomato – Hybrid, Ash Gourd, Chilli - Bajji, Mild, Palak - Cleaned, without roots, Banana - Raw Green, Carrot – Orange, Ber, Coccinia – Julienne, Carrots – Diced, Beetroot, Bottle Gourd – Round, Bitter Gourd – Sliced, Brinjal – Varikatri, Spring Onion – Chopped, Pumpkin – Disco, Brinjal - Green, Round, Parsley Leaves – Curly, Pak Choi Banana Stem - Organically Grown, Neem Giloy (Amruta Balli) - Organically Grown, Banana Leaf Chrysanthemum/Shevanti Flower, Turnip, Onion – White, Fresh Turmeric - Organically Grown, Capsicum - Red, Organically Grown, Chow Chow, Muskmelon – Diced, Yam – Cut, Dill Leaves, Turmeric – Fresh,Mint - Organically Grown, Sugarcane, Mint Leaves - Cleaned, without roots, Sun Melon, Cut Cauliflower, Washed, Green Peas – Peeled, Baby Corn – Unpeeled, Beans Cluster – Diced, Yam – Sliced, Ready To Cook - Potato French Fries, Cabbage - Organically , Grown, Wood Apple – Kothbel, Capsicum – Yellow, Sapota - Organically Grown, Cucumber - White, Organically Grown, Mix - Gobhi Parantha, Bottle Gourd – Diced, Spinach – Chopped, Amaranthus – Red, Sweet Potato, Baby Carrot, Neem Leaves - Organically Grown, Beetroot - With Leaves, Packed With Nutrients, Improves Blood Flow, Basil – Italian, Water Ipomoea / Kalmi Saag, Lemon Grass - Organically Grown, Capsicum - Green, Organically Grown, Lettuce – Romaine, Brinjal - Purple, Long, Ginger – Chopped, Methi – Chopped, Bitter Gourd – Diced, Kale, Tomato – Cherry, Mint – Chopped, Brinjal - Green, Long, Green Cabbage – Grated, Organic Sprouts – Mataki, Banana Flower, Beans - French, Round, Baby Spinach, Mint Leaves - Cleaned, without roots, Beetroot – Julienne, Beans – Diced, Puja Flower Mix, Lemon - Organically Grown, Bathua Saag, Amaranthus – Chopped, Curry Leaves, Carrots – Grated, Coriander Leaves – Chopped, Methi - Organically Grown, Amaranthus - Thotakura Cleaned, without roots, Chow Chow - Organically Grown, Chappan kaddu, Organic Sprouts Horse Gram, Tomato – Green, Banana Nendran – Raw, Capsicum - Yellow, Organically Grown, Onion - Organically Grown, Brinjal - Purple, Long, Yellow Pumpkin - Avial Cut, Koorka - Chinese , Potato, Chilli - Green, Bullet, Lime – Seedless, Bathua Saag, Ash Gourd, Cowpea – White, Chilli – Picador, Lettuce – Red, Beans – Double, Cabbage – Small, Cucumber - Organically Grown, Mint 1 pc,Ash Gourd, Brinjal - Green, Long, Coriander Leaves - Organically Grown, Baby Potato - New Crop, Tomato – Green, Mango Leaves - Organically Grown, Chilli – Picador, Turnip, Snake Gourd, Baby Potato, Lemon Gandharaj, Lemon Kaji, Tomato – Green.