Terms & Conditions

New customer (not signed up to bbdaily ever).
This refer & earn program is entitled only to bbdaily serviceable societies and cities.

Refer & Earn Construct:
Referral Bonus to Referrer: Rs.50.
Referral Bonus to Friend: Rs.50.
When your friend subscribes for the first time, you and your friend get Rs 50 each! (When the first subscribed order of the friend is delivered).
Max Reward limit a referrer can earn Rs. 1000.
Max user a referrer can refer: infinite.
Coupon Code: This is auto-generated on the referral page.

How this works:
Go to the refer & earn page and share the coupon code/link to your friend.
Your friend you refer has to use/apply the same coupon code during registration and then subscribe.
After registration, your friend needs to recharge his/her bbdaily wallet and place a subscription order.
After 1st successful delivery of subscription order, referrer and friend will get Rs. 50 (after 3 pm for the day).
A Push Communication will be sent to both Referrer and friend when the wallet gets credited.
The referral bonus is non-refundable.


What if the reward limit exceeds?
A referrer can get a bonus of up to Rs. 1000 only. However, a friend will get his bonus.

What is the referral code for Refer & Earn? Where can I get it?
The referral code is auto-generated on the refer & earn page in the bbdaily app

I did not get the referral code?
Not to worry, kindly reach out to the customer care and you will be assisted.

What if the customer forgets to mention the referral code while signing up?
He will lose the benefits of the referral program.

By when should my friend apply the coupon code and subscribe?
Sooner the better! Your friend should apply the coupon code and subscribe to place an order within a month or 30 days from the date of receiving the coupon code.

Can I refer my friend to the same address?
Yes! He will get the benefit if he fits into the eligibility criteria.

What if, the order does not get delivered?
The bonus will not get credited. It will get credited, whenever the system records 1st subscription order delivery. Alternatively, reach out to our customer care.

What if the order gets delivered & refunded?
We will not take the credited bonus back, as it is not the customers' fault!

If I refer a friend who is not staying in the serviceable society of bbdaily, will I get a referral bonus?
No! You can refer a friend only in the bbdaily serviceable societies. And also you can get the referral bonus only when the order gets delivered.

Can I refer a friend who is in another city?
Yes, you can refer a friend living in another city of bbdaily serviceable city and society.

I want to refer my friend, but how do I know if my friend's society is serviceable by bbdaily?
Not to worry, kindly reach out to our customer care and they will be able to assist you.